When was the last time you spoke with a close buddy in-depth? What emotions were you left with? Being cut off from our friends and the assistance they offer has been one of the hardest aspects of the pandemic, among other things. More opportunities to see friends are available now that things are beginning to improve, however some people may experience worry as a result. But it’s generally known how vital supportive friendships are to our emotional health.

The importance of friends to our mental health has never been greater. 

Psychological Benefits of Friendship

Because we are social creatures, having friends is a need. Our greatest psychological needs, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, are friendships and close relationships. While sexual relationships are frequently prioritised in popular culture, friendships can be among the most important relationships in our life. 

Friends provide morale-boosting, social, and practical assistance. They make us laugh, lift our spirits, and assist us in overcoming loneliness. Friends support us in our endeavours, listen to our concerns, cheer us on, and help us maintain perspective. Here are a few ways that friends can improve our mental health:

Avoid being alone and isolated-

Many of us have had feelings of loneliness during lockdown, especially if we were shielding or having anxiety issues. Friends provide you people to laugh with as well as company, activity partners, support, and a shoulder to cry on.

Boost your self-esteem and confidence-

Our feeling of self-worth is increased and we feel better about ourselves overall when we have good pals.

A feeling of kinship-

 Everyone wants to feel like they belong. In the area of “belongingness and love needs,” friends are located in the middle of Maslow’s five-stage pyramid of needs.


On our alone, it might be challenging to feel driven. For instance, it’s frequently simpler to muster the motivation to go on a run, bike ride, or to the gym with a friend if you want to begin a new workout regimen (which is wonderful for your mental health, by the way). Even better for fostering social drive are team sports.


Our mental health benefits from setting objectives, gaining new skills, and feeling a sense of mastery. Nothing can motivate you to achieve your goals more than telling a friend about them. To have a “accountability partner,” find a friend. Whether it’s a new skill, project, or pastime, you can help each other stay motivated to reach your goals.

Practical assistance-

When you need support the most, friends can be there for you. This could involve assistance with stressful but necessary life events like moving house or helping with catastrophes like divorce or job loss.

  • Contributed By- Dr. (Prof) R.K Suri & Ms. Varshini Nayyar

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