The Quantum Body: Why You Should Read It

Quantum Body

It is not unusual for scientists from all walks of life to experiment freely on topics that are close to their hearts. However, the coming together of three brilliant scientific minds to promote health as never before has truly astounded people of late. A  physicist of repute has collaborated with an endocrinologist who has some distinctive ideas about the metabolism that goes on in the body. A well-known author has brought the theories of the aforementioned scientists and doctors together by adding more inputs. Thus the unique book, the Quantum Body was born and published to intrigue people all over the world. 

The idea of another body being present behind the scenes is fantastic and suds completely weird. However, the trio of scientists and authors has managed to put their thoughts into the book lucidly. The topic compels the readers to step back and think deeply. Wondering about human bodily functions and the truth about well-being is not unnatural. But the Quantum theory is applied expertly by the trio and explanations are provided for several problems that continue to plague the human body and mind alike. 

Sure, the workings of the human body and indeed that of its mind have not been studied in so much detail. The existence of a Quantum Body that is alien from the physical one is strange and had no takers initially. However, the scientific minds were keen on solving the mysteries that seemed to have no apparent solution. The medical professionals of today may have grasped an understanding of the basic bodily functions and they try to treat their patients by addressing the symptoms and not the cause. 

Mysteries Of Life Addressed By The Quantum Body Book

Some of the common traits that were obvious but had no answers forthcoming from the scientific community are as follows: 

  • Aging is a universal truth with the reason behind it being unfathomable to this day.
  • Rejuvenating the body and mind is essential making sleep a necessity Sadly, there are no answers when you question the need for sleep away a few hours every day.
  • Twins, especially identical ones share the same set of genes. While both children may behave identically during childhood, their manners and abilities tend to change with time. They become completely different persons with very few similarities between them as they advance in years.
  • The DNAs can be mapped to study the ancestors. Why does your body store such data? No one knows the truth for sure.
  • All body cells are identical. However, the cells within your brain have the ability to think and cause the body to act a certain way. This is one of the greatest mysteries that have led scientists to come up with diverse theories. Sadly, none can be established as the truth.
  • All human beings go through distinct stages in life. Although the age of transition is not the same for everyone yet each change occurs at a similar age. The reason for this is not clear either.

Well, the book titled, “The Quantum Body” will help you to understand your body better and will rekindle hope to live a healthy and problem-free life. 

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