Emsculpt: The Best Body Contouring Treatment


Losing weight appropriately to remain in shape is a desire that is close to heart for many. Sure, you may be hitting the gym regularly and trying to lose the flab while maintaining an enviable musculature. Sadly, your best efforts may be in vain most of the time. No worries! It is time to embrace the novel way to shed fat and tone the muscles at the same time without trying too hard or spending tons of money. Yes! You can always opt to undergo the non-invasive procedure that uses the unique Emsculpt device. The term is also used for the procedure that is done with the help of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology combined with radio-frequency (RF) energy. The results achieved are outstanding as you will be the proud owner of toned muscles with very little flab being visible 

Emsculpt: What should you know?

The procedure and the device were initially introduced way back in 2018. It had been approved by the FDA and deemed appropriate for contouring the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks. These are specific areas that are prone to accumulate stubborn fat. The HIFEM was used to stimulate the concerned muscles thus increasing their contraction. Studies reveal that the muscles are forced to contract at least 20,000 times in half an hour. The stored fat cells break down by releasing energy in the process. 

The required heat is also supplied by the RF energy that speeds up the process. The FDA has cleared the treatment for strengthening, toning, and firming up the muscles that become lax and wobbly. The procedure is revolutionary as it has been hailed as a superb non-invasive technique that delivers the results perfectly. It is indeed a superior procedure in comparison to other non-invasive techniques used for burning fat and contouring the body

The procedure is not meant for the entire populace, however. You must be well aware of the fact that this device is not employed for weight loss. Instead, you should use it to shape your body effectively by getting rid of the stubborn fat cells and toning the lax muscles. The professionals recommend it for patients who are looking to eliminate some fat along with toning the musculature. The ideal patient must have an active lifestyle with small portions of the body being prone to fat accumulation. The specialists performing the procedure agree that you may achieve a six-pack with the muscles well defined with no visible fat on the body

Are you a good candidate?

Well, you are likely to be an excellent candidate once you meet the following criteria:-

  • BMI equal to or less than 35
  • Lead an active lifestyle
  • Have fat accumulation in specific areas of the body
  • Enjoy good general health
  • Ideal way to recover from an injury
  • Do not have any metal implants in the body

You are welcome to opt for Emsculpt or the more advanced technique, Emsculpt Neo. You may address the problem areas of your body successfully by going through a 30-minute session. Your objective is sure to be fulfilled after you complete four sessions of the treatment spaced after 2-3 days of a session

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