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Winter has arrived, and the best place to be is in your bed. But what if you come home from a cold day outside only to discover that your bed is the enemy? You’ll dread going to sleep no matter how many layers of clothing you wear if the sleeping environment is cold and hostile. The good news is that you can transform your bedroom into the warmest and most inviting space in your home this winter, beginning with a mattress from The Bed Shop.

A cold, hard sleep surface is difficult to improve without a plethora of additional protectors and comforters. Fortunately, all of the mattresses you’ll find here meet the comfort standards and have been designed to create the ideal sleeping environment. Don’t miss out on the winter sale promotions to get the perfect mattress for you.

Following these tips to create the warmest, cosiest winter sleep space, you can enhance the comfortable mattress even more for a snug and warm resting space.

Layering for Temperature Comfort

Did you know that the temperature of your room influences your sleep? Room temperatures should be between 18°C and 21°C. Fortunately, even if you can’t heat the room, you can control the temperature of your bed. Using sheets to layer helps to keep the heat in. Aside from the bottom sheet, adding two sheets before the comforter will make a noticeable difference. Remove a layer if it becomes too warm.

Swap your summer comforter for a winter one.

When selecting a comforter for your base and mattress set, don’t base your decision solely on appearance. A thinner and lighter comforter is ideal for the warmer summer months. When it comes to winter, however, choose a comforter with a hollow fiber, wool, or feather inner. These materials effectively trap heat, providing you with a snug and comfortable sleeping environment.

Take Note of the Sheet Materials

If you must choose between comfort and saving a few pennies here and there, choose comfort because a cold sleeping environment will disrupt your sleep. Given that sleep deprivation can result in irritability, concentration issues, and a variety of health risks, you’ll want to spend a little more on quality sheets. Choose sheets with finishes similar to your nightwear for the winter. To the touch, these should be soft and warm. High-quality twill-cotton, flannel, and wool-based sheets provide the warm and inviting plush feel you need to fall in love with your bed during the colder months.

Purchase an Electric Blanket.

Your body heat, combined with warm bedding and a comfortable, plush mattress, should be sufficient to keep you comfortable. But every now and then, you crave a little more heat. Purchase an electric blanket to warm up the sleeping area before you enter. When you’re nestled between the sheets, turn it off because the trapped heat will keep you snug and warm for the rest of the night.

Allow the ceiling fan to do its job.

If the room has already been heated by underfloor heating or a heater, turn on the ceiling fan to slowly circulate the warm air.

A throw adds a layer of warmth.

A throw blanket adds a touch of elegance to the bedding, but when you’re cold, you should use it as an additional layer of protection.

Include a Mattress Protector

Protect your plush mattress with a mattress protector to reduce the risk of spills seeping through. The mattress protector can also provide additional warmth and comfort.

Purchase Additional Pillows

Pillows provide a comfortable place for your head. Don’t skimp on quality because you’ll want these to provide adequate neck and head support while keeping the cold at bay.

Purchase Pillow Protectors

Pillow protectors help to keep spills and debris out of the pillow inner. With washable pillow protectors, you create a healthier environment for your head while also increasing your comfort level.

What Comes Next?

You now understand how to create a warm and inviting bed space, as well as that comfort begins with a mattress from  AAA Furniture. Order your bed set and mattress protector now to take advantage of our winter sale prices.

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