How to Choose a Hair Color that Goes with Your Skin Tone

It’s critical to take these two factors into account when developing the organicrootspk -blended hair colour for you, understanding your complexion’s hue and choosing the hair colour undertone that complements you the best.

Your skin tone has a significant role in determining which hue is the ideal hair colour for you when it comes to selecting the proper hair colour. Choosing the proper hue of hair may make your complexion glow and make you look years younger because it is right next to your face. We’re here to assist you in getting a unique hair colour that enhances the best features of your complexion, regardless of whether you have warm, cool, or anything in between skin tones. Continue reading to learn how to dye your hair in the most appealing shade yet.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

Look at your wrists or the tops of your hands in natural light to reveal the undertones of your skin. Do you see purple or blue veins in your eyes? You can tell your skin tone is cool if such is the case. Additional veins that appear greener peeping through? The undertones of your skin are then warm. If both are visible, you most likely have a neutral skin tone.


Try this approach if you’re still unclear about your skin’s undertones: Look in the mirror while wearing silver jewelry, such as earrings or a necklace. After that, wear gold jewelry. Which hue is more attractive? Silver jewelry makes cooler skin tones look brighter, while gold jewelry makes warm skin tones stand out more.

Choosing the Right Hair Color

Knowing the undertones of your skin now will help you choose a new hair colour that will bring out all of your greatest characteristics. As a general guideline, our colorists advise choosing a hair colour tone that contrasts with the undertones of your complexion. Need additional explanations? Call out to one of our colorists for a little help—they’re more than delighted to help.

Our colorists’ general rule of thumb is to choose a hair color tone that contrasts with the undertones of your complexion.

Choosing a hair color for fair skin

You want your new hair color to help decrease any redness in your skin if you have quite fair or pale skin with cooler undertones (meaning you have a lot of pink, blue, or red undertones in your complexion). Opt for golden blondes, warm reds, or neutral brunettes that will help balance the pink tones in your face. Warm or golden hair colors with warm undertones compliment light skin with cold undertones.

The ideal hair color should give your skin a healthy, natural-looking glow if you have warmer undertones (consider hints of yellow or orange). Choose cool, ashy, or reddish-tinged hair hues, such as honey or strawberry blonde, golden copper, cool beige brunette, or rich golden brown.

Dark Skin Tone Hair Color

It’s important to strike the correct balance between your skin tone and hair color. Your features will be obscured if your hair color is an exact match to your skin tone. Beautiful colors of mahogany or copper bring out the sunniness in your skin if you have dark skin with golden or warm tones. Perhaps you should even consider a subtle golden brown shade.

Accentuate your pinky-blue undertones with cool hair colors like gentle reds, chilly dark browns, and rich blacks for cooler skin tones. Golden black and other warm colors with deeper finishes may help your face and eyes stand out

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