Best dApp Business Concepts to Introduce in 2024


Today, the digital industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with the established Web2 market giving way to the dynamic and inventive Web3. These adjustments present fantastic beginning chances for forward-thinking companies that prioritize cutting-edge technology. Therefore, every ambitious project that has been successful in the Web2 sphere will need a Web3 equivalent.


By 2024, the size of the dapp development services market was already above $10 billion, and by 2030, it is projected to grow to $368 billion or more. The good news is that you have the opportunity to become the owner of the next unicorn, which suggests that the Internet is ready for the next YouTube, Upwork, Tinder, Facebook, or Google. Although the DeFi app ecosystem is rapidly developing and growing, there are still a lot of unfilled vacancies in the fiercely competitive market. 


We are going to share multibillion-dollar business concepts for the decentralized web sector in this article. Examine the list, identify a market gap that hasn’t been filled, and reap great success in the emerging Web3 arena. 


Successful dApp Business Idea Requirements 

There are countless dApp business use cases since blockchain technology may be applied to almost any aspect of human endeavor. To find the most promising business ideas to bring value and relevance to your company in 2024, we have conducted extensive research. The following standards were used to determine who made our top list: 

  • Business case: The company concepts that are provided have a good chance of being profitable and may be utilized by both new and established companies. 
  • Relevance to the target audience: Only business concepts that can provide a fresh, more efficient approach to doing everyday tasks and that meet the problems faced by contemporary, worldwide users have been discussed.
  • selection of technology: Based on cutting-edge blockchain technologies that are only starting to gain traction, this collection of dApp company ideas can provide a challenging yet manageable launch solution.


dApp Business Concepts 

Let’s look through a long list of potential dApp startup concepts for 2022 and beyond.


Move-to-Earn Initiative

The most amazing thing about Web3 is how deeply user-focused it is as it develops. As a result, the majority of Web3 projects focus on the demands of users and broaden the range of activities that may be done online. Move-to-earn ventures were among the best dApp business ideas of 2022 and proved to be very popular. An unprecedented step in the cryptocurrency community, new businesses such as STEPN, Sweatcoin, and Genopets have brought an income possibility into physical exercise. As a result, you may make an app for fitness and build a sizable, devoted user base that rewards you for exercising, going to the gym, or hiking.


Play-to-Grow Video Game

Another thriving crypto area with lots of metaverse business ideas is P2E gaming, which is drawing a lot of investment and offering owners of businesses the chance to make big profits. Users were first drawn to P2E projects because of their novel business model, which permitted them to make money while playing video games. Before P2E games were popular, players could purchase armor, clothes, and accessories using in-game currency they won, but those items had no real worth outside of the game. 


The in-game currency now has a monetary value at cryptocurrency exchanges, and all in-game assets are tradeable on cross-chain NFT marketplaces. Owing to the growing financial significance of peer-to-peer (P2E) gaming, players on these cutting-edge games are progressively drawn away from popular Web2 gaming platforms such as Steam, drawing in individuals with strong earning potential. 


NFT Exchange

One of the best dApp concepts of the modern era is still NFT marketplaces. You may ride the NFT wave with a new marketplace project, as the worldwide NFT niche continues to grow and people look for new platforms for easy, frictionless NFT creation and trading at a cheap price. Making the platform feature-rich, ensuring that it operates flawlessly across many blockchains, and providing users with the highest level of protection for their NFT assets is the key to success in this field. 


dApp for dating

Globally, dating apps continue to be quite popular, and several well-known Web2 giants, like Tinder or Badoo, are still in the lead. If you’re interested in this line of work, you can create a blockchain equivalent of these apps to provide lonely hearts with a new Web3 point of contact. When opposed to Web2, Web3 dApps for dating can provide several significant advantages since they enable greater privacy and user data protection.


Drive-to-Grow Initiative

Cars are used by billions of people every day to get to work or school. Driving is therefore a common everyday activity everywhere, and you may allow consumers to make it more profitable and pleasurable. In this area, several creative decentralized applications have already surfaced. For example, Mobilio is an app that uses MOBILIO tokens to encourage safe driving, and DriveCrypto is a drive-to-earn project that pays bitcoin for each kilometer its users drive. However, there is still room in the niche for you to enter if you have a compelling drive-to-earn notion.


Write-to-Earn Beginning

Writing has always been a lucrative endeavor for those with compositional skills. Large agencies and publishing organizations used to control Web2, though, making it difficult for individuals to access high-profile initiatives. Web3 can make a difference by enabling you to create a write-to-earn dApp project that will motivate all gifted authors to receive cryptocurrency rewards for their original, captivating writing. Publish0x is one such creative endeavor where writers receive cryptocurrency donations from their readers.


Independent dApp

Large, powerful freelance platforms abound on the Web2, serving as meeting places for experts from various fields and their companies. Upwork and Guru are without a doubt the industry giants, however, they are not particularly related to Web3. 


Simply elegant: Guru’s expected yearly income surpasses $356 million, while Upwork recently disclosed sales of over $113 million. These numbers demonstrate the potential earnings from launching a comparable Web3 project. 


Developing a freelance dApp is unquestionably one of the best dApp project ideas available right now. By providing a transparent and safe platform that links writers, businesses, crypto designers, and coders and allows them to engage through secure smart contracts, you can take advantage of this market niche. The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments and blockchain-protected secure contracts are two Web3 features that will undoubtedly boost the success and acclaim of your firm. 


Social Media Platform

People are social beings in general, and cryptocurrency aficionados are no different. Everyone desires a safe, feature-rich social network where they can connect with others who share their interests and form communities. Even while billions of people still use Facebook and other traditional Web2 social networks, their unethical user profiling and unfaithful data treatment practices have damaged user trust. Web3, then, is an ideal environment for emerging social media that would embody the new ideals and tenets of private, decentralized online space.


The platform for Streaming Music

Additionally, big labels dominate the global music streaming market, which limits the chances of independent success for up-and-coming musicians. But things are starting to change in the Web3 music streaming space, giving musicians a level playing field. Several creative ventures, such as Audius and Emanate, have surfaced in this field, giving musicians autonomy over their work and the opportunity to keep the money they make from it rather than giving labels 70–80% of their earnings. To enter the market and establish a fresh platform with a distinctive take on music ownership, you can also launch a dApp for music streaming.


Streaming Videos

Similar to music streaming, video streaming is a business that Web3 is destined to drastically change. Well-known Web 2 video streaming behemoths like Netflix and Amazon have dominated the market, setting the trends for content and obtaining exorbitant fees from both content creators and consumers. By establishing dApps that give consumers tokens in exchange for their actions, Web3 transforms this industry. One of the best dApp business prospects to investigate right now is a video dApp since video streaming is currently valued at over $70 billion.


Crowdfunding Initiative

Once upon a time, crowdfunding swept the Web by storm, but the biggest obstacle to its success was trust. If there are no guarantees of accountability, how can users donate money to initiatives they are passionate about? By incorporating a smart contract security layer into crowdfunding initiatives, Web3 can address this issue. Thus, you launch a crowdsourcing project on the blockchain and use smart contract logic to track the allocation of funds.


As a business that is always working to build these kinds of solutions, we have seen a sharp rise in demand for DeFi development services and the establishment of borrowing platforms throughout the last 12 months. This implies that this business concept is indeed among the best.


Gateway for Crypto Payments

In the Web3 area, cryptocurrency transactions are also highly anticipated business project ideas. Owners of cryptocurrency assets need quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to cash out or transfer their funds to friends, family, or business associates anywhere in the world. As a result, by providing an intuitive dApp for international cryptocurrency payments, you may draw in a devoted user base with inexpensive fees and first-rate UI/UX.


Cloud Framework

The implementation of a blockchain-based cloud computing system is one of the most innovative crypto concepts. Ethernity CLOUD is one of these ground-breaking projects; it’s a powerful cloud computing solution that combines the best features of the cloud with absolute decentralization, strong encryption, and privacy of blockchains. The technology is not new; iExec introduced one of the first initiatives of this type in 2017. Though the market is still in its infancy, you may establish a solid reputation in it by providing your customers with a useful and reasonably priced cloud computing solution.


Medical dApp

The healthcare industry can gain a lot from the introduction of blockchain, even though it is not as clear as it would be in other industries. Setting up a healthcare dApp will involve a lot of legal and regulatory wrangling, but the time and work invested will pay dividends. The greatest business ideas available today are healthcare dApps, which provide you with access to a field that is always growing in popularity and usefulness. Your primary goal is to integrate a wealth of features and useful tools for users with strong patient data security and a safe connection to resources offered by healthcare providers.


An Approach to Logistics

Within the supply chain management sector, blockchain technology has found numerous interesting uses. As a result, you can look into a variety of cryptocurrency business ideas in this field, ranging from a straightforward supply chain app powered by blockchain to a more sophisticated digital supply chain system featuring features like product ownership monitoring, trustworthy sourcing, and real-time inventory tracking. A logistics app with smart contract technology will always come in handy, optimizing any business’s control over its assets and providing a 3600 view of all operations, processes, and statuses across its supply chains. Global supply chains are becoming more complex and difficult to manage effectively.


dApp marketing

With a few adjustments to accommodate the unique characteristics of Web3, digital marketing is here to stay. Making a marketing dApp is an excellent business idea if you are interested in marketing or have practical experience in this field. You can provide marketing services for various cryptocurrency projects or sell branded virtual fan merchandise. When it comes to using the art of promotion in the decentralized market, the possibilities are endless.


Blockchain-as-a-Service, or BaaS, is yet another novel way that blockchain technology is being applied in Web 3. The good news is that there are still plenty of unexplored business prospects along this path. The most well-known BaaS suppliers are TrustFi and Creator. Users can now take advantage of BaaS Azure features thanks to Microsoft Azure’s recent addition of smart contract technology to its cloud infrastructure. Therefore, you can take advantage of this growing market segment by developing a distinctive BaaS offering. 


P2P Ridesharing dApp

The benefits and innovations of Web3 are driving changes in the carpooling sector. Once you learn about the fees these services impose on their drivers and the centralized storage of driver data, the miracles of Uber and Ola lose their magical quality. Web3 gives stakeholders greater privacy and independence when setting up a carpooling system, opening up new democratic options. By using smart contracts for safe user and driver linkage without outside intervention, you can create a practical carpooling dApp.


Time-Lock Money Clip

For cryptocurrency fans, staying committed holders in the face of extreme asset volatility is quite difficult. To lock their assets for a predetermined amount of time, many people employ time-lock wallets. You may also develop a time-lock wallet that is aesthetically pleasing, secure, and useful, satisfying the demand of Web3 users for wallets that are easy to use. You have the opportunity to dominate the market with a great dApp idea because there aren’t many offers in this niche.


Marketplace for Carbon Credits

The enormous carbon footprint that regular business and industrial operations leave behind on the globe is becoming more widely recognized in the international community. Thus, the two major tenets of modern company strategy are sustainability and carbon neutrality. Because of this, the market for carbon credits, which serves as a crucial conduit between businesses engaged in carbon-intensive operations and those looking to profit from their carbon-offsetting endeavors, is expanding quickly. It is projected to reach a valuation of about $88 billion in 2022 and surpass $250 billion by 2050. Fortunately, you may take advantage of this ESG and sustainability movement by partnering with a cutting-edge GreenFi initiative, such as a marketplace for carbon credits driven by blockchain technology.


How to Launch Your dApp Enterprise 

Launching a dApp is a difficult undertaking that requires careful planning and organization to achieve your desired business outcomes. This is a detailed how-to for building and releasing a dApp. 


Analysis and Exploration of Business Ideas 

Analyzing the viability and marketability of your business idea is necessary in the first step. The concept is improved with the help of in-depth analyses of the state of the market. The main problems and difficulties that users are having with your solution should be made very evident. 


Design Architecture 

It’s time to go into the specifics when the business concept has been honed and clarified. The idea is reduced to manageable features and components through architecture design, which can then be further developed into the project specifications for the development team. 


Development of Smart Contracts

The creation of smart contracts based on the reasoning and goals of your dApp is the next step. The primary responsibility lies in enabling users to carry out certain tasks and transactions within the application. This cannot be achieved without a wallet for deposits and withdrawals, as well as a smart contract architecture for implementation. 


Development of Front-end and Back-end 

The development of the UI and back-end features follows, which combine to produce the finished, usable dApp. At this stage, you can code in whatever language you choose, such as Rust, Vyper, or Solidity. 


Audit of Smart Contracts 

Before the app is released, its security and dependability must be carefully examined. This is essential for gaining users’ trust and preventing legal issues. Therefore, before the dApp launches, a thorough smart contract audit is essential as it aids in identifying expensive mistakes and vulnerabilities. 


Implementation and Upkeep 

The official release of a dApp is the last phase of development. The work doesn’t stop here, though, since your dApp will need ongoing upkeep, upgrades, and administration.



As you can see, there is a vast and constantly growing space for dApp business ideas. Web3 is expanding quickly, necessitating new technological solutions for its new privacy standards, user interaction model, and data sharing and storage strategy. Web3 is still in its early stages, and there are a plethora of profitable business prospects during this exceptional time. Thus, research the blockchain space, choose your interest niche, collaborate with a trustworthy blockchain developer, and dominate the market with cutting-edge, technologically cutting-edge products.  In the era of change and Web3 transition, anything is conceivable.

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